Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bare Bones

The try out blog, to test the program, like an experiment in evolution and even more like the first mark in clay or on paper. There must be a beginning. In the print world, the first mutterings usually get cut because once the piece is under way, not to mention complete, it has gone somewhere else, like life itself--to beat up a metaphor. The best is not designed before hand, except in the loosest sense--there are grammatical, rhetorical, logical, factual, temporal rules to follow or violate--but writing ain't painting by numbers. It's not winging it either--for most of us, not only because of those rules but also because writing is so hard, there's no point to starting without a reason.

This blog is intended to present connections and, I hope, insights that might not otherwise see the light of day but that have merit. I post it now to get going, so I can design the site.