Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bomb Dogs

Borzou Daragahai in his article, "Servants--and Weapons--of War" in the August 10, 2005, Los Angeles Times reveals a new chapter in the sordid misadventure that is the war in Iraq--the use of dogs and other animals as biological bomb delivery systems. It's a tactic the Russians used in World War II against German armored vehicles: Lace the street dog with explosives and send it out to do what it does best--prowl for food. When it gets close to a target, blow it up. Like the use of dogs to torture prisoners, this is abuse and a violation of the dog-human bond, already strained among many Moslems because of various prohibitions against them. More than that it is further proof that we have no right to deem our species superior to any other. Quite the opposite.

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