Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bush Speak

So why is that the media doesn't show that the Bush is speaking to an empty square in a ruined, deserted city in a made television extravaganza. It's not surreal; it's irreal. He looked like Max Headroom. He sounded like a checked out eejit, desperate to sound like he cared about an event that was and is totally beyond his comprehension. He couldn't have an audience there for fear they would hoot and jeer him out of town. If he truly wanted to make New Orleans rise from the rubble better than ever, he would make sure that the people who were flooded out had their homes rebuilt on stilts, solidly, and that they were owners not tenants of some slum lord. That's an ownership society. He would restore the wetlands and run canals through the former swamp of the 9th Ward, but Bushy's whole effort is about making money for the rich.

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Dog Lady said...

Exactly. If Bush has to allocate money for relief efforts, he'll be damned before he'll let it get into the hands of those who need it. Based on his speech,it sounds like it wil go to corporations (tax breaks and urban enterprise zones) not for housing and job training the displaced and needy. And the promise of federal land for homesteading! That's all flash and no substance. I worked at a county planning board years ago, assigned to find government land for low-income housing, and it was very hard. Most plots were rights-of-way and easements not suitable for building based on elevation and lot size. The only way Bush will deliver on this in a big way is if he gets his hands on national parkland.