Saturday, October 08, 2005

"Request for Domestic Covert Role Is Defended"

Right! That's the headline for Walter Pincus's article in today's Washington Post, detailing how the defense department wants to spy domestically in order to find people who might make good informants, and we're supposed to trust them not to abuse that "limited" authority and the Congress to make sure they don't. It's hard to know any longer whether to laugh, cry, or howl--the 50th anniversary of the first public reading of which was yesterday, 10/07. We're to trust the people who don't believe they have to follow international conventions against torture of prisoners, people who have slaughtered thousands in a war of aggression launched on the basis of trumped up "intelligence," people who regularly mislead and lie to recruits--the list goes on--not to mention a Congress which loudly approved the "war," condones the torture, and ignores every sort of incompetence and negligence? Right!

And speaking of that war, there's a growing, gnawing sense among people on the ground that the Bushbuckers' form of democracy in Iraq is fueling the "insurgency"--in quotes because we all should recognize by now that it's a civil war--and not creating the glorious model society they keep praising, according to today's Los Angeles Times. I wonder when the Bushbuckers will back a new strong man.

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