Tuesday, November 08, 2005

America the Ignorant

The Kansas Board of Education has decided to teach that the theory of evolution is "controversial" because DNA, among other biological entities, cannot be explained through natural processes alone--in other words to teach (un)intelligent design without using that phrase, presumably because they lack courage of their nonconvictions. In doing so the board has alligned itself with the Taliban and other reactionary fundamentalists, who prefer fantasy to truth--or, let us say, the quest for truth and understanding. My modest proposal is that since genetics cannot be explained through reference to natural processes alone, the ranchers and farmers of Kansas be forbidden to grow or raise any plant or animal that has been subject to genetic manipulation. That's because the scientists doing the manipulating can't possibly know what they are doing, unless the (un)intelligent designer tells them. Indeed, the only exception allowed is if the scientist can certify and prove that the (un)intelligent designer has spoken to them and directed their work, step by step.


faculty for workplace justice said...

did the republicans pass or fail the "year off" test? texas put the marriage amendment on the constitution... i was hoping for a different wind to blow, or for the same wind to blow in a different direction, whichever was the metaphor works best.

faculty for workplace justice said...

jonie v. is giovanna!

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