Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Their Endless Hypocrisy

Sometimes--I should say, often--it helps to get the news from abroad, like reading this evening how Rummie, that Antediluvian Bushbucker who doubles as Secretary of Offense, declared that the current mess in Iraq is all Bill Clinton's fault [registration for the Guardian may be required], because between puffs on that cigar dipped in Monica Lewinsky's vagina, Mr. Bill endorsed the notion that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the U.S. That's true, but Rummie and the other Bushbuckers aso need to remember that Bubba did not invade Iraq and start torturing people. These bushbucking hypocrites are the worst kind of cowards, as I've said brfore and will doubtless repeat; they lack even the courage of their nonconvictions.

No, this dog has erred: the Bushbuckers are devoid even of nonconvictions. Why else would they suddenly pretend to be following the lead of Bubba, whom, while he was in office, they considered worse than the Great Satan.

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