Saturday, November 12, 2005


When the Hypocrite in Chief, the Bushbucker himself, starts accusing his "[domestic] opponents"--the foreign ones are rotting without trial or even knowledge of what they are alledged to have done--of "trying to rewrite" history and being treacherously untrue to their nonconvictions, not to mention traitors to the troops and the Bushbucker, it is time to duck and cover. The Hypocrite in Chief asserts that the Congress had access to the same "intelligence" he received and that intelligence agencies around the world endorsed the view that Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons and was seeking to make or obtain nuclear weapons. That last bit of intelligence was leaked to Judith Miller at the New York Times, which ran her scoop on the front page, and the Bushbuckers then proclaimed that the Times, that notorious liberal rag, was itself reporting on the Sadman's evil. There was more.

But the Bushbuckers were making reality and intelligence reports match their desire and to deny that now is simply to perpetrate the lie. Dana Milbank and Walter Pincus attempt to set the record straight in the Washington Post by observing ever so politely that, in fact, Congress didn't have access to the same "intelligence" the top Bushbuckers did. Of course, the Bushbuckers also forced a vote right before the 2002 midterm elections, which guaranteed that weak-kneed Democrats like John Kerry and John Edwards would vote for war. And many Democrats and Republicans simply didn't read what was available. Why bother? Paul Wellstone was dead by then--at whose hand?--and there was no one else to mount an articulate campaign against the Bushbucker's perfidy. Robert Byrd tried, but he was a voice in the wilderness, burdened by his past. The opposition in the House and Senate agreed to be defeated by the majority. Like Bob Graham of Florida, they hemmed and hawed but finally did not break ranks--thus, Graham has never revealed what he learned from the intelligence committee investigating the attacks on 9/11/2001, because that information is classified, and he's a good trooper.

Well, the time is long past when that lame excuse works. The Bushies didn't just manipulate intelligence, they also fabricated it--the link between al Qaeda and Saddan Hussein and Iraq's nuclear weapons program, to name two. They engaged in the worst sort of fear mongering, and they lied repeatedly about what was happening--that inspections weren't working, when, in fact, they were. In Bushworld, inspections weren't working because the inspectors failed to find the promised WMD. In the Sunday, November 13, Washington Post, John Edwards takes a significant step forward and admits that he was wrong to vote for the war, and that, had he known the evidence was cooked, he never would have done so.

More significant, he argues for a change of "strategy," and here's where the Hypocrite in Chief shows his true ignorance. The Bushbucker doesn't begin to understand that it is possible and sometimes necessary to change one's approach to a problem or a war. Bushbucker lacks the imagination and knowledge to that. All he can do is stay the course, which in this case means stumbling around in the lightless void that his mind, while Cheney and Rumsfeld attempt to shape Iraq to their dystopic vision.

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