Monday, December 19, 2005

Bush's 9/11

The Bushy gave a press conference this morning and spent much of it defending his use of the NSA to spy illicitly on Americans who dare to contact someone abroad (full transcript at the Washington Post and other web sites). This dog doesn't want to rehash, so he'll focus. Reiterating the reasons he must act like a dictator and bypass the Constitution and supporting laws, which he denies doin, the Bushy said, "First of all, right after September 11, 2001, I knew we were fighting a different kind of war." He asked his hatchet men and women to come up with a laundry list of tactics. "We've got to be fast on our feet," he says, "quick to attack and prevent."

On numerous other occasions, the Bushy says, "everything changed after 9/11"--for him maybe.

Certainly, before 9/11 some people were quite concerned about radical Islamic terrorists, as well as other fringe groups--does the Bushy recall Oklahoma City? They had blown up embassies, effectively sunk a U.S. Navy warship, attacked the World Trade Center, and served notice that they intended to fly several planes into tall buildings. That threat was considered real enough that the president was given a special briefing on it during his vacation in August, a month before the event. No fast and nimble response there--he let it ride.

September 11 happened for many reasons, but it hardly represented the commencement of a "different kind of war," except in the delusional mind of the Bushy. The "intelligence failures" leading up to 9/11 included prominently the failure of the Bush and his Bushies to apply "intelligence" to warnings and data they had. The war was different to the Bushy because he didn't know the past--remember Condoleeza Rice even (mis)categorized that August briefing as "history."

It's by no means certain 9/11 could have been prevented, but an attentive president would have promptly ordered beefed up security at the airports and more urgent searches for potential terrorists.

That's the Bushy way: Pay no attention until a disaster strikes and then claim no one possibly could have foreseen something so monumental, something so profound it changes all previous relationships and equations.

The terriors didn't suddenly morph into something more diabolically malign after 9/11. That's a Bushy myth to excuse his inattentiveness. It's a myth the media has allowed to go unexamined, to the misfortune of us all, for it conceals the slothful, uninformed man who has brought so much misery and death to the world through his acts of omission and commission.

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