Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Irreality of the Bushbucker

So let's see: The majority of Americans want out of Iraq. The Iraqis want Americans out of Iraq (mostly so they can have at each other). The world wants the U.S. out of Iraq. The Bushbuckers intend to stay in Iraq until they have achieved total victory. The U.S. is promoting "democracy" in Iraq. The U.S. boasts that it is the world's greatest "democracy." Democracy is based on the principle of majority rule and one person=one vote. That's enshrined in the U.S. Constitution the Bushbuckers have sworn to uphold. I won't even ask what is wrong with this picture. The answer is too depressing even for this dog, but here it is: We are ruled by a functionally illiterate autocrat and a band of corrupt thugs, and our political system is too dysfunctional--and inherently undemocratic--to allow for their removal from office.

(See the official "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" at this Washington Post site.)


faculty for workplace justice said...

i want to scream.

Mane the Mean said...

screaming does not help: this is reality, you cannot wake up away from it...

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