Sunday, December 18, 2005

Listening to Bushy

Listening to Bushy speak with his hands from the oral office, I hear the voice of delusion, of dualism run amok in a brain that atrophied long ago. We're in Iraq for the wrong reasons but we have to be there nonetheless because to leave would be to admit defeat and leave America open to terriors. The Bushy says that those of us who opposed his decision to go to war have to support him now because there is no choice but to stand and fight. That's the old LBJ/Nixon Vietnam argument. Now, as then, there is delusion here of the first rank, based on "faulty intelligence"--and not the sort invented by the intelligence agencies. He ends by saying that America celebrates Channukah and Christmas and then quoting a Christian hymn, lest his base forget. This nonsense from a man whose administration harasses students for ordering by interlibrary loan, Mao's little red book--note to the data miners, I have Mao's Selected Works and the Modern Library edition of Das Kapital. While he talks, his hands tell a story told by"an idiot, full of the sound and the fury," signifying blood and death for no reason.

There are always more than two simple choices, as anyone with a working brain knows.

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