Friday, December 30, 2005

Truth, Justice, and the Bushbucker Way

It is, finally, not possible to overstimate the hubris, the chutzpah, the balls-to-the-wall rattail towel-snapping locker room skull-boning fratboy daring do of the Bushies, especially the Bushbucker-in- chief, as they launch a criminal inquisition to find who outed the secret, illegal NSA spy operation, designed to monitor Americans communicating with foreigners (Dan Eggen carries today's Washington Post account--straightforward.) It looks like Arthur Sulzberger will finally have a case worth fighting, as opposed to the Judith Miller farce--well, farce but that her shilling for the Bushies helped promote their adventurism in Iraq. Whoever talked to the New York Times about the Bushbucker's circumvention of the law and wholsesale invasion of people's privacy is a classic whistleblower, exposing high crimes and misdemeanors. The people who outed Valerie Plame, on the other hand, were, in towel-snapper fashion, seeking vengeance against a whistleblower by attacking his wife. Dare we call that cowardice?

The Bushies don't shy from calling the NSA whistleblower(s) a traitor, or worse. If that be treason, we should all plead guilty.

Shall we then call the Bushies "swaggering cowards"--think of the hollow man who in the wake of Katrina's destruction of New Orleans, stood in front of a cathedral in an empty park in that ruined city to tell a television camera what he planned to do for the people there. They, by the way, are still waiting.

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faculty for workplace justice said...

your rethoric is soaring, md. a great blog to end this lousy year. bubbles away!