Friday, December 09, 2005

U.S. Torture?

European governments wanted a fig leaf, and Condoleezza Rice provided it with her assertion that the U.S. abides by the U.N. convention against torture--or requires that its "personnel" do so, according to the Washington Post's Glenn Kessler. It's not clear whether that statements covers mercs. But what matter. European politcians can be as cynical as America's. Dr. Rice would no more lie about important matters than would General Powell or the Bushbucker-in-Chief. Right. While the American media and European foreign ministers are congratulating themselves for asking hard questions before giving Dr. Rice a pass, her top legal adviser at the state department, John B. Bellinger, III, is quoted by the BBC as having admitted that the U.S. has not allowed the International Committee of the Red Cross to visit all "terrior" suspects in its custody.

But let's assume Dr. Rice means what she says and from the president on down, Americans abide by their own laws and international agreements. That would seem to suggest that if torture was approved and conducted in the past, everyone involved should be prosecuted and or impeached for violating those laws and treaties, not to mention their oaths of office. It torture occurred without approval, then everyone involved should be prosecuted. Unless arrests are made and cases prosecuted, we are left to assume Dr. Rice is lying.

Reports are that Dr. Rice shares the Bushy's messianic complex. That means that the Truth they serve is greater than any lie they might have to tell the infidels in order to serve it--see Seymour Hersh in the December 5 New Yorker on the Bushy's belief that god has chosen him. He believes in he has a divine right to rule. It's time to recognize--past time--that the man is not only willfully ignorant but also, to be polite, delusional. As such, he is a danger to others--witness the body count in Iraq. Problem is that in this Post-Modern Age of Non-Reason such delusional think passes for faith and is celebrated by many people--far too many. When it comes to humans, it appears that Bufon was closer to right than Darwin; the species is devolving.


My Daily Struggles said...

God Bless President Bush!

faculty for workplace justice said...

the europeans, the US democrats, all of them are just a bunch of criminal, indefensible cowards. i don't know why we should rejoice that the whole world is not speaking german when the whole world is speaking american english. whereas it seems, prima facie, that it is better to be ruled by bush than by hitler, it is never good when the whole world is ruled by one superpower. at the end of the day, what stops human beings from treating each other like animals is fear. and the bushies, god save us, have nothing left to be afraid of.