Saturday, December 03, 2005

Who the Good Guys Are....

I finally understand. When the Pentagon pays (the Washington Post has it, as does Mark Mazzetti of the L.A. Times, who broke the story earlier in the week) to "place" stories in Iraqi papers, it is: (1) following local custom; (2) correcting the propaganda of the "insurgents"; and, (3) simply putting the "true facts that never get reported" out there--especially the ones relating to white phosphorus use as an incendiary weapon and private contractors ripping off the U.S. and Iraq and killing carloads of Iraqis with impunity, and the fact that no one wants us there, and we have no reason to be there, except that we are there. Of course, if abuses happened, we'll investigate, say the Pentagon perpetrators--wink, wink, nod, nod. Brilliant. Dictators don't seize power; they come to power because the people who could stop them not only refuse to do so but also collude in their rise to power, for what are often the most venal of reasons. But sometimes there is a Cicero willing to stand firm against the infidels, even at risk to himself. The people are speaking, as they have spoken. The question is: When will a leader emerge to speak truth to corrupt and decadent power.

"O tempora! O mores!"

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DiaGnostic said...

Well said. All would be usurpers have always took power surrounded by cheering profiteers and ignorants. As to who will stand up? Nobody because no one who is willing would have any followers behind him; what he would have to say is something not too many people want to hear. They rather be lied to if it reafirms their believe that all is well.