Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Listening to the State of Disunion

In the last blog I called the Bushbucker an ersatz existentialist. Listening to the state of disunion speech, I realize that's being kind. The Bushbucker--hard to call him a man--is delusional. He doesn't live in a bubble; he is a bubble. A bubble brain. Just consider zero-emission coal-fired power plants--this from a president who has eviscerated the clean air act. He wants to improve batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles, to improve hydrogen fuel-cell powered and ethanol-fueled vehicles--this from a man who has killed any attempt to control fossil fuel emissions or improve gas mileage, while vast unspoiled acres of land in Alaska and the Rockies for oil exploitation. He wants to devote more money to math and science--this from a man who embraces (un)intelligent design. He wants to reform health care by passing medical savings accounts that will benefit only the wealthiest Americans. He wants to support personal responsibility--this from a man who has never taken responsibility for anything in his life. I could go on, but it is too depressing, especially since I just heard the cheering and storm-troop foot-stomping for ascension of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. They are said to be brilliant men. They are both believed by their supporters to be ideologues who will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, and it will be surprising if they do not.

I haven't even gotten to the war on "terriors," the tragedy in Iraq and fiasco in New Orleans. Part of the problem is that Bushebucker's rushing the speech because he doesn't understand what he's talking about; moreover, he believes, as Louis XIV said, "L'Etat c'est Moi." He is the state, and he is defeating terriors. I've quoted Stephen Stills before but here goes again, from "Southern Cross":

So we cheated and we lied and we tested,
And we never failed to fail. It was the eaiest thing to do.

Indeed, only cheating here has far worse consequences. The man can't tell the truth because the man doesn't know the truth.

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faculty for workplace justice said...

i heard on air america tonight (late) these tapes they got of your friend the bushbucker in chief rehearsing tonight's speech. talk about having no idea what he's talking about... hilarious.

anyway, you put a smile to my face. an accomplishment, today.