Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Any Port in a Storm, or Port-o-Poddie

Today's guest blog on the jingoistic posturing over an Arab company managing cargo handling at six U.S. ports is by Bruce Stutz, author of the just published, Chasing Spring.

Don’t know what your take is on the sale of port to UAE but despite the fact that it’s put Repubs up against Bush the whole thing is just jingoism for political gain. I mean, who’s in the fray? Hillary. Frist. All the would-be presidents men (woman?). I mean I like seeing Bush bushbucked, as you would say, and bushwhacked. But it’s a stupid issue that continues this fascist game of “enemies everywhere” “never-ending war neverending” when the real enemies are running our own fucking country. I mean, torture’s okay, drilling the shit out of national lands—okay. Spying—okay. I mean I love, I just love when the mousy dems say--”Don’t get us wrong. We’re not against spying and wiretapping. We’re just concerned that it’s done lawfully.” Well fuck you demo-rats. I do care about spying and wiretapping. WE ARE NOT AT WAR WE ARE NOT AT WAR THERE IS NO WAR. Am I shouting in a vacuum? There are crazy people out there who’d like to stick a bomb up our ass but anyone who lives in New York City knows there are crazy people everywhere and shit happens. But you do walk out on the street and live life. I mean they blew up the biggest buildings in this city, left a hole in the skyline that’s still hard to adjust to, but New Yorkers are about their business while the rest of the country walks around fearing that any second someone’s going to blow up the local k-mart. Come on, people, get a fucking grip! But we’ve been Rummied up to wartime footing.

Anyway, this dock story’s a stupid diversion that appeals to the lowest common denominator in the U.S. Citizenry—Remember the Alamo, the Maine, Gulf of Tonkin-- Although, now that I think of it, our lowest denominator is pretty lower and more common than anywhere in the world.

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