Thursday, February 16, 2006


A few of Dog Bytes' few loyal readers might remember a word I introduced back in September:

bushbucker n. 1. A person who ostentatiously struts through bushes while shirking their responsibilites.

2. A blame gamer, a poltroon who seeks through surrogates to blame others for their disasters.

3. A megalomanic fabulist who offers bogus justifications in seriatum for otherwise unwarranted attacks on individuals or nations.

The verb is bushbuck, most pertinently here "to seek through surrogates to blame others for their disasters" and "to offer bogus justifications in seriatum for otherwise unwarranted attacks on individuals or nations."

As all news junkies know by now, the Vice President, who appears to fancy himself a 19th century sport hunter, has spent much of the past four days in typical poltroon fashion bushbucking his shotgunning his 78-year-old hunting companion in South Texas. Thus, surrogates out that Harry Whittington was somehow at fault for failing to tell Cheney that he was coming up behind him, that there was no alcohol involved, that he waited until the next morning for the sheriff's department to question him because he and everyone else was focussed on getting Whittington medical treatment and on and on until finally today giving an interview to Brit Hume of Fox News--Cheney's favorite network--in which he took full responsibility for the shooting and that, yes, he had a beer at lunch, but that was hours before he shot Whittington--shot a man behind him, shot into the sun, according to the blogs. Of course, in the kingdom of the Bushbuckers that means that tomorrow, the Bushbuckers will announced that Cheney has accepted responsibility and thus the event is now in the past and no longer relevant. But the dog thinks that this time, he won't easily skate away.

Meanwhile, even the docile House Republicans are forced to face the grotesque incompetence of the Bushbuckers, from the Bushbucker-in-Chief on down, although they have kept the focus on the tragic-farce that was the flooding of New Orleans by Katrina--the Washington Post broke the story on the report on Sunday; today recaps and covers Bushbucker Michael Chertoff's testimony. But before we praise this Congress too much, let's consider this Post report by Charles Babington on how it appears likely not to hold hearings on the Bushbucker-in-Chief's plainly illegal NSA spying program. Thus is democracy lost at home.

Finally, the Bushbucker-in-Chief himself, the great promoter of "democracy," finds Hamas unacceptable as the democratically elected leading party of the Palestine, surely is giving at least a wink, wink, nod, nod to the vote riggers in Haiti, who want desperately to keep Rene Preval out of the presidency, and says nothing when his pal Mubarak scrubs local elections in Egypt. Of course, this Bushbucker in Chief also claims--and exercises--near dictatorial power. Incompetent, irresponsible, dishonest, hypocritical--those are the characteristics of our rulers.

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Constant said...

Dog Bytes,

Democracy isn't necessarily lost. Did you know there's a way to compel Congress to investigate, even if they refuse: [ Click ].

If people contact their state legislators, they can get the public to discuss this issue in their state -- and let the world know: Whos if for or against the rule of law.