Friday, February 03, 2006

Rush to War

The Bushy's contempt for Congress and the Constitution should, by now, be obvious to everyone, but those who doubt it should read the Manchester Guardian's account of a January 31, 2003 meeting between the Bushbucker and Blair in which the Bushbucker made clear that he was taking Saddam out, with or without proof of his violations of UN resolutions, and Blair agreed. In fac, according to excerpts posted by Britain's TV 4, the Bushies even considered painting a U.S. U2 spy plane in United Nations colors and flying it over Iraq in the hope Saddam would fire on it, thereby "violating" various Security Council resolutions. War would follow. U.S. violations of the UN charter and international treaties didn't matter.

The fix was on, and the result is everywhere apparent, and there is no one in Washington or London or any other capital to hold these war criminals accountable. That is our great shame. But more profoundly it points to the general failure of the American and British political systems to control their chief executives. So much for "democracy."

And I'm not exempting the spineless Democrats who endorsed this obscenity, either.

Phillippe Sands, a Bitish human rights lawyer and author of Lawless World, obtained and released the notes of the meeting, which contain other useful and damning information, including the Bushbucker's assertion that internecine fighting would not be a problem.

At this writing, like the Downing Street memos before it, this revelation has caused barely a ripple in the mainstream American media, which is--yes, I use the singular verb with the collective noun--more fascinated with Muslim hysteria over crude cartoons of Muhammad, who, like Allah, is not to be portrayed. The newspapers and magazines across Europe apparently wanted to take a stand in favor of freedom of expression and against religious fanaticism--and they should be applauded for that; indeed, maybe the cartoonists could next time offend everyone by portraying jesus, moses, muhammad, buddha, lao-tse, confucius, marx, and mary magdalena as superheroes capturing a great satan wrapped in the American flag, with the face of George Bush and the body of Dick Cheney--or would that be offensive? Printing the cartoons is a rather juvenile way of making a point, but then the Islamists' response is no less childish. That said, I'm reminded of the response in the U.S. to the excrement-coated madonna on exhhibit at the Brooklyn Art Museum a few years ago, with then Mayor Rudi Giulliani leading the hypocrites' chorus of condemnation.

It's been said often and by many shrewd observers, but it bears repeating: We are in a new Dark Age, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

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