Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bubble Brain, or Bush Meets the Press

After watching Bushy's animated press conference this morning, I decided that he is best called President Bubble Brain, commander-in-chief of Bubble World. Bobbing and weaving and flapping his arm like a lame chicken, he launched his usual rant about 9/11 changing everything and about Americans believing prior to 9/11 that no one could attack them here. No one challenged him by asking, for example,"Who were the World Trade Center Bombers?" Or asking, "Dude, did you grow up during the Cold War? Did you ever 'duck and cover?'"

Those of us who grew up under the mushroom cloud know damn well that we can be obliterated in nanoseconds. Bushy himself played to that knowledge and fear when he and his minions cooked up the "yellow cake" for Saddam's nuclear weapons program. The Interstate Highway System was justified as civil defense, after all, against the Communistas. Star Wars, the vaunted, outrageously expensive, nonworking missile defense system is supposed to protect us from nuclear missile attack--and it long predates 9/11/2001. The only way you cannot have known in your bones that the oceans were no protection from ICBMS was if you had a Bubble Brain--that is, air where grey matter should have been.

Bushy's devotion to the notion that the world "changed after 9/11" verges on the hysterical. His world did "change." From what the scribe of power, Bob Woodward, and others report and from what the dog can tell by listening to him and reading his own words, Bushy believes he was chosen by God in the wake of a disaster he slept through, and conversion experiences of that sort--visitations, really--are associated with hysteria. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The world did change for Bushy. It did not for everyone else, and they need to learn that or risk becoming as delusional as he--only he is far more dangerous.

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