Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bush, Lies and Katrina

Nixon had his audio tapes, except for an erased 18 1/2 minutes, that helped bring him down. Now the chief Bushy has his video tapes, showing him in his shoebox conference room at the ranch in Crawford on August 28, participating by video link in a daily briefing about the potential catastrophe named Hurricane Katrina, then filling the Gulf of Mexico and aiming for New Orleans. Katrina hit the next day. The AP yesterday released the video, and today the Washington Post, among others, builds on the story. On September 1, Bushy said on ABC's Good Morning America that no one could have anticipated the failure of the levees. It's been reported before--in print--but this short video clip shows the power of high speed internet connections and of video itself. That's not Max Headroom at the end of the table, asking no questions, assuring everyone that the government is on top of things--right. Its Bushy, and he can't duck and cover. He lied. He was warned in specific detail, and he sat on his thumbs. This video makes a dog wish that there was one of another daily briefing on another August day when the president was in Crawford and asked no questions after a report on a potential catastrophe.

The only people more incompetent than the Bushies are the members of Congress who have abdicated their institutional and Constitutional obligation to investigate and impeach.

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