Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bushbucking Reality

For a sense of how far gone the Bushies are, compare the Bushbucker-in-chief's boastful version in yesterday's Ohio speech about the assault against the Turkmen in Talafar in 2004 and again in 2005 with Juan Cole's account (scroll down) of the August 2005 attack on the Turkmen in Talafar, primarily the Sunni Turkmen. The assault involved American troops and Iraqi Shiite and Kurds, who, according to Cole targeted Sunnie Turkmen and in so doing annihilated the Turkish government, because the Turkmen. The ethnic attacks continue.

I'm listening to the Bushbucker-in-Chief's press conference. The man appears out of control--shrill, combative, arms flailing, obsessed as always with 9/11 and perpetuating his pre-invasion lies about Saddan, WMD, and his attempts at diplomacy--that is to get Saddam to give up weapons he didn't have. Leaving Iraq will "embolden al Qaeda," not to mention "Islamist Fascists." Now, he is becoming incoherent in trying to talk about the virtue of spreading liberty and democracy because democracies don't wage war. Someone should now ask why he refuses to recognize the Palestinian people's selection of Hamas. Someone should ask him about torture. The man can't be followed. Now he's rambling about the "natural rights" upon which America is based. Makes one's head spin in circles backwards.

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