Thursday, March 09, 2006

Vintage Bushbucking

The dog didn't quit; he had other work to do. But he can't resist observing that the Bushbucker-in-Chief engaged in classic "bushbucking" when he went to New Orleans and blamed Congress for shorting the recovery effort in Louisiana $1.5 billion, knowing full well that that money, out of 10s of billions, had been diverted elsewhere on the Gulf Coast. He did so, of course, because of the video of him sitting on his thumb during that final briefing the day before Katrina overwehelmed New Orleans, saying only that his government was prepared--right--the same way his government was geared to deal with Iraq. Only the 535 members of the House and the Senate are more moronic than are the Bushbucker in Chief and his henchpersons.

notes toward a elegy [in progress]

What Is Lost?

Bolted through the tree wth a crack
lightning, white as the rain that flamed
down on us, cindered flesh

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