Saturday, April 22, 2006

Where I Been

The Dog's been on forced holiday, due to an encounter of the worst sort with a palm seed on--you guessed it--Palm Sunday, but he said...well, he doesn't want to bring the forces of the donkey rider--a perfectly wise and gentle man, by the way, if given to delusions--down on his head. Just say he took literally one step out his door on his way to his morning swim and, in a classic pratfall landed in the ER at nearby Mount Sinai Hospital, where he spent 14 hours having a spiral fracture of his left femur diagnosed. I'll fill in the blanks later, but the bottom line is that the Dog is 'toe-touch' walking behind a walker with a titanium rod running the length of his left femur.

That said, the next blog will address the sheer, utter, reprehensible, irresponsible obscenity of the Bushbuckers even contemplating in passing throwing nukes at Iran. The donkey rider was a man of peace, something those who profess to act in his name should remember....

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