Monday, May 08, 2006

Where It Is Now

The Dog is recovering from the fracture of his left femure on Palm Sunday, thanks in no small measure to a titanium rod running the length of bone, where marrow once resided. The surgery and recovery have left him a little out of the loop, but not so much that he can't reiterate that this Bushbucker is the worst president the dowager republic has seen--so much the worst that his nearest competitors aren't even specs on a fading horizon. He has damaged the economy, the government, the military, the polity, the health care 'system,' and America's longstanding signal of freedom and oportunity--damaged is too mild a word. But beyond all of that, he has violated his oath to uphold the Constitution and faithfully execute the laws of the land--by ignoring and breaking those he doesn't like--and, from all appearances, he has violated the Geneva Conventions and the International Convention on Human Rights by ordering people held without due process and by approving, if not actually ordering, kidnappings, murders, and toture of prisoners. He and everyone is his Administration who participated in--is still participating in--these crimes against humanity should be hauled to the Hague and tried before the International Court of Justice.

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