Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bushbuckers and Lapdogs

Howard Kurtz lays out the feeding frenzy the right wing lapdogs are in over publication by the New York Times about the Federales tracking international financial transactiions through a clearing house in Belgium. Other papers, including the Wall Street Journal, reported the same thing, but, as the Dog, observed yesterday, after months of searching for a way to divert attention from their pefidy and incompetence, the Bushbuckers fell baying upon the Times. The Bushbuckers would have us believe that the report tipped off the terriors that they were being watched. Right.

If the lapdogs and Bushbuckers read anything, they would know that the terriors have turned to traditional 'informal money transfer systems,' as they are sometimes called, like the Indian hawala, precisely to avoid scrutiny. This February 2005 Congressional Research Service report on terrorist financing, one of several done since September 11, 2001, lays it out, chapter and verse. Martin A. Weiss, the report's author, calls them 'informal value transfer system,' and gives different names for different countries. He also talks about cooperative efforts the U.S. is engaged with to monitor financial transactions including those passing thorugh the infomal ones.
The Bushbuckers know where the action is in terrior financing, and it ain't the formal system.

But why not exaggerate and bash the Times, unless the rabid lapdogs on it. That's much easier and more fun than facing reality.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Find Somebody To Hate

So let's see, in the 3 months since the Dog fractured his femur, the Bushbuckers have tried the hate game with gays (outlaw gay marriage), immigrants, Iran, 7 feeble wanna be terriors in Miami who wore allegiance to al Qaeda, without knowing what it was, and wanted to blow up the Sears Tower, without knowing where Chicago was, Democrats who called for a timetable for leaving Iraq, even while the Bushbuckers worked on such a timetable. Each of those failed, in turn, but the Bushbuckers are relentless and so they went after the New York Times for its story last Friday on the Bushbuckers' secret monitoring of international financial transactions through a clearing house in Belgum, claiming the report revealed too much to the 'enema' and was tantamount to treason. Those charges by the Busbuckers and their right-wing collaborators, assume that the international 'terriors' are as incompetent as the Miami crew and wouldn't stop to think that their finnancial transactions, like their communications, were being monitored. But this time, they succeeded and the game is now, 'let's beat up on the Times'--and by extension the dread 'liberal media,' whatever that is. And so, the Bushbuckers have once again found someone or something to hate, a diversion from their torture of prisoners and the horror of Iraq.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

They've Got To Be Kidding--Or Goose Up Those Polls

The Dog is perplexed. He heard the news this morning that some loathsome terriors had been arrested in the city across Biscayne Bay from his own for planning to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago, the FBI office in North Miami, and three other sites, a geographically ambitious undertaking, to be sure, and one that put the lie to the Dog's own theory that the terriors would leave South Florida alone because they live and party on down here. Then the hated al Qaeda was invoked, and he knew these seven were bad-ass bears. Now it turns out that they were six disgruntled citizens or legal residents, but one, under the "sway of the charismatic leader, Narseal Batiste." This charisma machine managed to hook up with a FBI Agent Provocateur, who apparently persuaded them to swear allegiance al-Qaeda and talk tough. The "plot" collapsed before it could even smolder. Scott Shane and Andrea Zarate in today's New York Times are among the reporters nibbling on the corners of this stink bomb.

In his role as house cynic, the Dog must ask whether this whole fiasco was intended to goose up someone's poll numbers? He also wonders what happened to the search for the real terrior who sent anthrax to people. While he's about it, he would remind the attorney general that the U.S. has long and painful experience with home grown terriors, many of them recently of the white supremacist variety. Perhaps, he should refocus on those 'warriors.'

But the Dog knows that this bust of the Liberty City 7--hereby named for the poor, historic black section of Miami where they apparently lived in a run-down warehouse--fits in with a pattern in the Bush War on Terriors of picking up groups of ethnic men and charging them with conspiracies that always prove less than advertised. These acts have a precedent in American history--and here I thank Jeff Donnelley, historian and teacher--the Palmer Raids of 1918 to 1920, when the feds under Woodrow Wilson's attorney general, Alexander Michael Palmer, used the newly enacted Espionage and Sedition Acts to attack, incarcerate and deport socialists, communists, and radical union workers, particularly those in the IWW, by the thousand. A very young J. Edgar Hoover led the shock troops.

The War on Terriors might be a new kind of war, as the Bushbucker-in-Chief says and the press echoes, but to this old Dog is has the putrid smell of past fear-and-hate inspired campaigns.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

That Same Old Song

The Bushbucker-in-Chief was in Europe yesterday, bellicose, as always, and giving another of those over-the-top press conferences, in which he starts gestculating wildly while his voice rises and his head bobbs and weaves in a spastic rhythm. Sheryl Gay Stoldberg, kindly for Bush, doesn't describe his gestures in her report for the New York Times, nor does she parse the Emperor Boy George's mantra: "Look, people didn't agree with my decision on Iraq, and I understand that. For Europe, September 11th was a moment; for us it was a change of thinking [emphasis added]." He then elaborated on his belief in "global liberty"--right...

This Dog has howled at that change of thinking line bfore, but now comes Ron Suskind's book, The One Percent Doctrine: Deep Inside America's Pursuit of Its Enemies Since 9/11, to amplify. Suskind says outright how hard it is to get face time with uncurious George, especially when he's in Crawford. There he was in August 2001 when on the 6th, he was handed a memo, "Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US," followed by several other visits by CIA analysts, all telling him something big was coming down. Suskind reports that after one such briefing, the Bushbucker-in-Chief, the Decider who trusts his gut, "looked hard at the panicked CIA briefer.

"'All right,' he said. 'You've covered your ass, now.'" [The misplaced comma is in the text--or if it's not misplaced, something is elided. "You've covered your ass, [pause] now [do x, y, z, all of which, if history is a guide, spell, 'bugger on off out of here']."

Now flash to Vienna or one of the other recent, everything changed after September 11 performances and look at the gestures and listen to the voice again. Here is a man who knows at some primal level that he fucked up bigger than ever before--thus the disappearance down the rabbit hole--and the only way around that is to convince himself--the world is secondary--that September 11 was a history-alering event beyond what anyone could have imagined. Recognizing that, he, W, has seized the moment, seized the time, to fight a new kind of war, and he is egged on by Cheney and company purusing a distinctly old agenda. In fact, the war looks like the old types with the same themes. But the Bushbucker-in-Chief believes it's new and is too ill-informed to ever learn otherwise. (As the Dog has previously noted, W followed the same pattern with Katrina, only it didn't sell. Indeed, maybe Katrina helped expose the fraud surrounding Iraq and September 11, if only because it awakened the MIA press.)

The horror is that he is the Decider, and how to end that horror before more innocents suffer, I haven't a clue.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"We don't torture..."

Or so the Emperor Boy George has said, even knowing that he authorized torture of anyone demed a terrior--torture and suspension of basic human rights--as the Washington Post laid out in a June 18 editorial. The Post, which supported the Iraq fiasco editorially, continued in subsequent days to call for the Bushies to come into compliance with the Geneva Conventions and Convention Against Torture--the editorials are here--and then to develop a coherent policy for dealing with suspected terriors that is in keeping with international law. That's a minimum.

The problem is that under the Emperor Boy torture was and is an accepted American form of 'interrogation.' The practitioners can call it hard questioning, harsh questioning, or whatever else they want, but by every extant definition, the Bushies are torturing people. It's proper and necessary to call for an immediate end to the practice. It is inhumane. Since study after study has shown that torture is ineffective as a way to extract information, it can only be seen as cruelty and burality exercised to inflict pain and suffering

But, as this Dog has said before, it is also necessary, if America wants to call itself a civilized nation of laws--even, take note religious fanatics, a moral nation, by any definition of morality--it must allow all those who are party to this torture, including and especially those who ordered it, to be brought before an international court of justice for crimes against humanity. "Allowed"--wrong word: America must itself bring those people to court, and the sooner the better.

Note: The Dog thanks his loyal readers for their concern in the face of his silence. He's been busy attempting to manage his comeback, and although he is progressing, he is still considerably slower than his previous slow. He promises to try to be more regular.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

urban plan

the dog is going to yammer about the brothers k and the inquisition of christ and torture in the next few days--i promise. for now, i want to lower case the broad outlines of my plan for miami beach--

1. take the huge, under utilized golf course at the center of the beach--the miami beach golf club--and turn it into a tropical urban park, which includes a large off-leash dog area, indigenous plantings, water, jogging, biking paths and so on--the central park of miami beach.

2. put mega parking garages at the end of each causeway, where all cars are left. people move around the beach by electric golf cart, bike or other human-powered conveyance, or foot.

do those two things and watch property values go through the roof.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Torture, Reprise

The U.S. doesn't condone torture, the Bushbucker-in-Chief has said repeatedly, the U.S. doesn't torture prisoners. He says while prisoners are tortured. Indeed, Julian E. Barnes reports in today's L.A. Times that the Pentagon wants to omit from the Army Field Manual any mention of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions prohibiting "degrading and humiliating treatment" of prisoners. apparently because the rough and tumble techniques applied at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and those black holes have been so effective in combatng 'terriors,' especially those running wild in Iraq and Afghanistan. For Pentagon, as the article makes clear, substitute civilian leadership, plus Cheney and his thugs and the Bushbucker-in-Chief. Common Article 3 is apparently intended to cover non-traditional combatants in civil wars and non-combatants, but the Bushbuckers, for all the reasons the Dog has chewed over in previous blogs, have to make the Islamist terriors a new kind of enema in a new kind of war--one never anticipated before--because otherwise it would be clear even to the dimmest bulb that the Bushbuckers brought new meaning to the phrase, 'fuck up,' as in 'they really fucked up' prior to 9/11, which they did and they still are. As to Common Article 3, the U.S. has a moral and legal responsibility to abide by them. Failure to do so would seem to this Dog to constitute a war crime and leave everyone up the chain of command liable to prosecution for same.

Friday, June 02, 2006


so we be gonna try this word processing program works on wysiwyg or so says but not clear it does footnoes but it do colors, and who can complain about, and it does hyperlinks, and then it publishes the damn things, says you can post to blog too, so i'll be goddamned on that one, nearly 8 weeks into my fractured femur with its tricked out titanium rod, i'm finally physical therapy and trying to fix my shoulder (right) that went all spastic with the walker and now has knots the size of golf balls and let me tell it like it is as howard cossell used to say, when he would drive nuts those who couldn't tell it like it was and knew that howard wasn't either that had he done so he'd have been driven off the air, never to return for speaking truth is seldom rewarded--we all want approximations, some of us closer to the bone than others and some want only the deceits and deceptions that portray for them the world they want, and i think we all--me and the few readers of this blog know who i'm talking about, but i'm not here to kick the bushbucker-in-chief, but rather to ask who comes next from the putative other side--gore looks best if he be gore but he didn't fight for it the last times--hills be a weasel --obama a disappointment--and the rest--please--and let's not do the 'anybody but' routine, fact is american politics be bankrupt--duh--questions are how to fix it, who will fix it--and let's not say 'the people,' though clearly they play a part....