Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Find Somebody To Hate

So let's see, in the 3 months since the Dog fractured his femur, the Bushbuckers have tried the hate game with gays (outlaw gay marriage), immigrants, Iran, 7 feeble wanna be terriors in Miami who wore allegiance to al Qaeda, without knowing what it was, and wanted to blow up the Sears Tower, without knowing where Chicago was, Democrats who called for a timetable for leaving Iraq, even while the Bushbuckers worked on such a timetable. Each of those failed, in turn, but the Bushbuckers are relentless and so they went after the New York Times for its story last Friday on the Bushbuckers' secret monitoring of international financial transactions through a clearing house in Belgum, claiming the report revealed too much to the 'enema' and was tantamount to treason. Those charges by the Busbuckers and their right-wing collaborators, assume that the international 'terriors' are as incompetent as the Miami crew and wouldn't stop to think that their finnancial transactions, like their communications, were being monitored. But this time, they succeeded and the game is now, 'let's beat up on the Times'--and by extension the dread 'liberal media,' whatever that is. And so, the Bushbuckers have once again found someone or something to hate, a diversion from their torture of prisoners and the horror of Iraq.

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