Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"We don't torture..."

Or so the Emperor Boy George has said, even knowing that he authorized torture of anyone demed a terrior--torture and suspension of basic human rights--as the Washington Post laid out in a June 18 editorial. The Post, which supported the Iraq fiasco editorially, continued in subsequent days to call for the Bushies to come into compliance with the Geneva Conventions and Convention Against Torture--the editorials are here--and then to develop a coherent policy for dealing with suspected terriors that is in keeping with international law. That's a minimum.

The problem is that under the Emperor Boy torture was and is an accepted American form of 'interrogation.' The practitioners can call it hard questioning, harsh questioning, or whatever else they want, but by every extant definition, the Bushies are torturing people. It's proper and necessary to call for an immediate end to the practice. It is inhumane. Since study after study has shown that torture is ineffective as a way to extract information, it can only be seen as cruelty and burality exercised to inflict pain and suffering

But, as this Dog has said before, it is also necessary, if America wants to call itself a civilized nation of laws--even, take note religious fanatics, a moral nation, by any definition of morality--it must allow all those who are party to this torture, including and especially those who ordered it, to be brought before an international court of justice for crimes against humanity. "Allowed"--wrong word: America must itself bring those people to court, and the sooner the better.

Note: The Dog thanks his loyal readers for their concern in the face of his silence. He's been busy attempting to manage his comeback, and although he is progressing, he is still considerably slower than his previous slow. He promises to try to be more regular.

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Jeff Donnelly said...

Christians who countenance torture, even in the unlikely hypothetical of an urgent need for information that only torture can provide, ignore their own history.
Torture and brutality inflicted on committed religious people only serves to recruit more adherents. For example, Nicholas "Little John" Owen, a Jesuit brother, constructed "priest holes in England to allow Jesuits to elude those who stop them form saying Mass and other horrors. Eventually "Little John" was captured, tortured (his stomach burst on the rack, and questioned about the very useful knowledge that he undoubtedly possessed.
However he did not reveal teh location of any priest holes and his story has been used ever since to inspire Jesuit novices.