Wednesday, July 26, 2006

War, Again

The Dog's been working on this blog for what seems eternity--and is really two weeks-- without much success, due to chaos in his own house--kitchen floor and sink and cabinetry being redone, which meant inter alia that he couldn't get his coffee in the morning; self-inflicted insanity, trying to make Kubuntu, the Linux system work, with the solution being to switch to Ubuntu--and if you have to ask, you don't want to know the answer--and then to reload Ubuntu because of faulty partitioning; plus the Dog has to admit that the Spring of his fracture has become the summer of his discontent, as his shoulder has gone whanky and other health problems have accrued and the vagaries of health insurance dysfunctionality have continued to bear down relentlessly. What a waste, and he then contemplates the absolute tragedy of the Middle East, and he commences howling--in rage, in protest, in frustration that here we go again, because no one among the leaders of the nations and groups involved is strong enough to say, "No! No More War. No More Killing. No More Torture and Abuse."

Of course, the failure is not one of strength; rather, it is one of character. Those leaders want war, mayhem, bloodshed, chaos, butchery. They thrive on it; indeed, they live for it. On a moral level--not one of fire power or wealth, but strictly of the morality of war--Hezbollah, Hamas, Israel, their backers--are the same. They are murderers of innocent people--no matter whether one or thousands or more--hypocrites who profess a faith they deny by their acts. The Dog is sure that this slogan has appeared somewhere before, but he can't find it and so offers it here--War is the Ultimate War Crime.

The Dog's modest proposal is to take every leader involved in the current wars that afflict the world--from Iraq and Afghanistan through Southern Lebanon and Gaza and on to Darfur--including the Bushbuckers and the Osama--take them all and stick them some place like Bikini Atoll for a steel cage death match for the duration. The winner gets to call the cage home for eternity.

That's only slightly less likely to become reality than that the Bushbucker-in-Chief and his puppet master will be delivered to the Hague to face trial for war crimes. The Dog won't repeat himself on this score, except to note that having been beaten in court, the Bushbuckers now ask Congress to resurrect their illegal tribunals for terrior suspects. Should Congress go along, everyone voting with the majority, to the Dog's mind, would also be open to war crimes charges, just as those who supported the invasion of Iraq already have.

Dream on. The Dog promises to attempt to be more regular.

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faculty for workplace justice said...

i endorse each and every word of this post.