Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And the Winners Are...

The Guardian reports today on a Chatham House study--here's the acutal text--stating the result of U.S. adventurism is a resurgent Iran, which now exercises more influence in Iraq and Afghanistan than does the U.S., not to mention Syria and Lebanon. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a Egyptian democracy activist, makes a slightly different point in his op-ed for the Washington Post. arguing that the policies of the U.S. and its proxy, Israel, are strengthening Islamists across the Middle East and North Africa--and making them deeply anti-American. As he points out Hizbollah and Hamas scored big in their respective elections, as did Islamists in Egypt until Mubarak changed the rules, but rather than engage these democrats, the Bushies launched first a cold war then, through Israel, a hot one. That is, as Ibrahim points out, exactly the wrong approach.

I agree: That is the wrong approach unless you want to alienate and radicalize people, and then it is spot on.


Matt Hill said...

If you're going to publish a piece in the NY Times, how about a blog post referencing it so there's a logical place to put comments?

I don't see one, so I'm just writing here. Enjoy.

When discussing how Mr Millan sometimes rolls a dog onto it's back, you comment "many animal behaviorists believe that in the long run meeting aggression with aggression breeds more aggression"
That's probably true, but it's not what Mr Millan is doing. He's meeting aggression with calm, assertive dominance. He is not being aggressive, even with "finger jabs" (by which I assume you mean what he calls using his hand as a mouth to apply pressure to the dog), he's being assertive and yes, dominant. But that's different from aggression.
What do you mean by "Mr. Millan’s quick fix"? I have never seen him say "the problem is solved" on the show. He shows the owners his methods, and he usually outlines a walking schedule and other changes that will significantly change the owners and the dogs lives. It's up to the owners to implement the changes and stick with them. ("Conveniently" up to them, you may snarkily note, but who else could it possibly be?)
The number of dogs needing veterinary treatment for behvioral issues is miniscule compared to the number of dogs in the US that are simply not getting enough exercise or are basically spoiled by their owners.

Champurrado said...

Hey Mr. Derr, a little tough on Mr. Millan don't you think? I'm curious where all the tone's coming from. Maybe his book sells a little better than yours?

John D'Angelo said...

Mr. Derr, re: Your NY Times Article
Dogs on Prozak? Really? Most humans on prozak don't really need it, but now you identify that dogs might need it. You also reference dogs acting out due to family history and geneology. You mention really trying to understand where the dog is coming from.
Wow! Doggie phychologists, pharmaceuticals for dog moods. Does your dog sit at the kitchen table to eat too?
What's wrong with Mr. Millan dealing with dog issues head on? He gets results by promoting owners take control of the pets they own. That makes sense.
More sense than taking your doggie for weekly sessions to the dog shrink.
You can understand the dog all you want but in the end, the owner has to take control of the animal.
Get real man.

Unknown said...

I just wanted to thank you for your post to the NY times about Ceasar Millan. It's refreshing to hear that someone sees him for what he really is!

amigoDOG said...

Dear Mr. Derr,

Thank you for your eloquently writtten words on Mr. Millan. As a certified dog trainer and firm believer that all animals can and should be systematically taught via operant and classical conditioning (both extensively studied and documented in the scientific community) I find it regretful that such weakly defined terms as "dominant" and "pack leader" are accepted so easily as suitable solutions to everyday dog behavior and obedience questions. Immagine if cooking shows had hosts that simply kept re-stating, "You have to have a feel for foods, you need to dominate that grill!" It would be absurd, so instead viewers are carefully guided through steps, taught specifically what to do, how to measure, pick-out ingredients and use kitchen utensils. Mr. Millan,, in my opinion, is the dog version of a Food Show host who just keeps repeating, "Don't Burn-it." "See how nicely my dish looks." He fails miserably in even explaining his own results in any meaningful way that can be replicated or discussed intelligently. Kudos, Mr. Derr and THANK YOU!

-San Francisco

Your an idiot! said...

I am shocked that a dog lover such as yourself has such an incredible HATE and to be so seemingly knowedgable on what Cesar is truly all about!

Most of what you wrote, hilarious. I bet you have not watched one full episode for if you had, you would see that Cesar is not about a "quick fix" and the problem is solved methodology, or that his "finger jabs" is being dominent.

I would highly suggest a man such as one like you, should investigate the facts prior to writting such myths.
Shame on the NYT for allowing trash such as this to actually go to print.

I would understand it if I read it in the National Enquirer but the NYT! What has happened to REAL articles!

Shame shame shame, what is the world coming to with writters like you and editors who are in agreement with what you write that they will PAY you and even worse, print that garbage.

I suggest you do further investigation before you write another STORY.

And to all you "dog trainers" out there, get real, you dont have a clue about being a pack leader do you! Shame on you as well for your evil words for someone who knows animals and knows exactly how to deal with them, I think you are affraid that what he does is true and really does work eh!

In the end its the truth that matters, totally, completely the truth, and Cesar, yes my friends, Cesar knows exactly the truth on what these animals need and desire.

As someone else here said, "get real man" yes, get real!

k9clicks said...

I couldn't find a place to comment about NYT either, but I'd like to add my "bravo" where others seem to be commenting. Good job. Good article. One need not be physically assertive (many view it as aggressive) to be his or her pack's leader. (This is directed at "your an idiot," [learn grammar much?]) I am a dog trainer who does not use aggression, yet I lead a pack of alpha German Shepherds who are perfectly obedient and under off-leash control. I know what it takes to control a pack, and it's not the physical force and intimidation that Millan espouses. Perhaps "your an idiot" could start with a little book by Karen Pryor called "Don't Shoot the Dog" to find out what really works and what he/she would have to do to "get real" himself.

Anonymous said...

Talk Softly and Carry a Carrot or a Big Stick by Jean Donaldson
Dog Whisperer, Training Approach More Harmful Than Helpful by American Humane Association
A Bone To Pick?, Paul Owen, the Original Dog Whisperer
Dog Owners Want To Bury Cesar?, Michael Linder