Sunday, October 15, 2006

And Justice for None

There's a report in today's L.A. Times and from the Associated Press that military defense teams are being threatened with reprisals if they continue to report on abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo. The chief defense counsel for the Marine team, Colonel Carol Joyce, ordered Lieutenant Colonel Colby Vokey and Sergeant Heather Cerveny to stop talking to the press and public about the routine beating of prisoners, ostensibly to ensure the two lawyers abide by "professional standards for military attorneys." Would they be the ones that say good soldiers--lawyers included--are to ignore evidence of torture or, better, join in the action? Oops, wrong word: the beatings aren't torture, or cruel or humiliating treatment. They are appropriately calibrated taps intended to move the bulkish, rebellious evil-doers along.

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Susan Orlean said...

hi mark -- i just finished reading your wonderful book Dog's History of America and wanted to thank you again for sending it to me. it's so well-reported & written -- a real pleasure and fascinating, given my current subject!
sorry to leave this as a post but i couldn't find an email for you --
susan orlean