Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I'll keep this short since in the upcoming election I'll be voting for my congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, because she voted against the Bush torture bill. I will not vote for Bill Nelson, one of Florida's two feeble senators who voted for the legislation, nor clearly will I vote for Nelson's demented opponent.

Re the hypocritical deviant, Mark Foley, I can say that those of us with long memories were waiting for the Bobby Bauman Defense-no links, but I think you can use wikipedia if you don't know--and that I admire the "priest-made-me" defense--i am now following early anglo-saxon non-rules of grammar, which persisted until the 17th century--well eve beyond--blame it on Fowler and now the Chicago Manual of style. [those are parkinsonian double letters.] anyway Gina sd all in a blog

My first and final note is this: Why for five years have Democrats failed to challenge the Bushies on 9/11 and national security, to say, as all available evidence says, "Listen, you bushbuckers. 9/11 happened on your watch because you weren't paying attention. You fucked up"

But then I say, these are the same feebs who can't mount a filibuster against a bill that allows torture and guts the Geneva conventions.


faculty for workplace justice said...

i was hoping you would shed some caustic, lurid light on bush's press conference...!

faculty for workplace justice said...

would you vote for nelson if he weren't ahead in the polls? would you risk contributing to the republicans' continued hold on the senate? (i hate being constantly put in this position!).