Monday, December 18, 2006

When Is Stubborn Insane?

The dog has been MIA while fighting 'condo imperialism' a block from home and being reminded daily why people take to the barricades. While the invasion is unwelcome, the local struggle has served to unite a neighborhood and educate many of us in the nature of local politics, if only to learn why people don't get involved, but more on that later. It has also served as something of a distraction from the tragedy that is Iraq. But I've been thinking and writing for some time that the Bushy has gone off the deep end, and the press, so intent on reporting that he is in denial over the situation in Iraq, is itself ignoring the evidence--as is the Congress--that this man is insane, as also is his vice president, and both should be impeached for the good of the country and the world.

It's been known for some time that the Bushy doesn't live in a reality based world; he lives in fantasy land. That's delusional.

The Bushy is incapable of calling things by their proper names. That's delusional derangement.

The disconnect between the Bushy's words and his body language is so extremely and extremely unnerving--the man appears unhinged--that it begs for serious analysis. Instead, Peter Baker tells us in Sunday's Washington Post that the Bushy is singularly stalwart. Baker's analysis illustrates the mainstream media's refusal to question the Bushy's behavior--that is to analyze him psychologically. The failure certainly underscores the extreme deference, verging toward obsequiousness shown people high up the political power tower by those lower down--politicians included. But more significantly, it points to a powerful, unspoken, unexamined taboo against even questioning, much less examining a political leader's mental health, regardless of the harm they are doing.

As to Cheney, I suppose the main question is whether going over to the dark side is criminally insane or merely criminal.

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