Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why I'm So Glad

It is truly difficult to describe how thrilled I am to see the Emperor Boy George once more assuming the mantle of "decider" or now "Decision Maker", according to William Branigan and Richard Londono, in the January 26 Washington Post, swaggering and smirking his way into combat with Congress. By now the whole world can tune into his brain waves, as amplified by Dick "Fudge" Cheney: "Ium dah decision maker--that means I decide--an' I decided Ium gonna surge an' splurge an' Texas take down duh terrior sympathizin' cowards who wanna make me quit when Ium duh 'Mander in Chieef, duh Decision-Maker, an' Ium gonna make all over that Italian Baltimoron man-eater an' dem democrates, not to mention yeller dawg repubcans like Chick Hegel, as in that German side kick of Karl duh Marx, an' duh evil doer Eye-Rain-ee-ANNS. That's right, the Emperor Boy has "double dog dared" the world and, especially the Congress, to stop him. Congress should oblige.

In today's New York Times, Maureen Dowd--sorry no link because it's by subscription on line--calls Cheney mad--beyond delusional, while giving the Emperor Boy a pass on the sanity issue. But as nearly as I can determine, th U.S. is now fighting to stay in Iraq for no reason other that the two most powerful men in the world say it must, and the one body--two chambers--powerful enough to stop them won't. Sociopaths rule.

Meanwhile, Garry Wills has a fine op-ed in today's NYT, "At Ease, Mr. President."

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