Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Surge and Splurge

They're a well trained capably led lean mean lean killing--er, fighting--machine, those underarmed, underpaid, undermotivated--unless working for the other side--new Iraqi soldiers are, and they scored a great victory over an obscure but brutal rogue Shia militia calling itself the Soldiers of Heaven, killing 300,400, 500 of them, with support of American Apache attack helicopters outside Najaf, thus providing proof that the Emperor Boy George is a a more brilliant military mind than his collective military brass--or so we were told.

The story smelled from the start, and Marc Santora explains why in today's New York Times--the article is buried on the website, unfortunately. Let's hope that changes. In brief it appears that the Soldiers of Heaven nearly overran the Iraqi attackers, who were saved only by American attack helicopters, F-16s, and ground forces. As to the dead Soldiers of Heaven, they appear to have been shackled at the leg so they could not flee--they could only die. How many Iraqi troops died--25, we're told. We're told lots of this things in this war, including by the Bushies that al Qaeda funded the Soldiers of Heaven, something even the puppet Iraqi government denies. Oh, and guilt by association: the leader of the Soldiers of Heaven was once a student of Moktada al-Sadr's father, before breaking away from him, and possibly had ties to Saddam Hussein. That's pathetic.

What more can we expect than lies revised by more pathetic lies and innuendos?

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Librocrat said...

But... wait... I thought it was the liberals that are the reason the troops have low motivation. Because they don't support our troops, since they want them, you know, home and safe and all that. Damn those liberals. DAMN THEM ALL TO HELL!

Or Baghdad. Either way.