Sunday, January 07, 2007

Surge Protection

Good computer hygiene dictates that the user have a device in place to absorb those periodic power surges that can fry a mother board. Congress, I suppose, should serve as the world's surge protector against the Bushies disgorgement of 20,000 more troops in Iraq--his vomitus surge that is supposed to zap the opposing forces there, not that he has a clue about who is fighting whom. David E. Sanger lays out this latest "new way forward" in the Sunday New York Times. It is a lunatic pipe dream concocted by the same desktop strategists at the American Enterprise Institute who so vehemently advocated the war of aggression. Like the Bushbucker-in-chief, they would rather kill more people than admit that they were wrong from the start. In addition to seeking to sacrifice more American troops in the sandpit of Ambar Province, these tactical geniuses want to send Kurdish fighters to Baghdad to end fighting between Shias and Sunnis. Well, why not have all three groups fighting it out in the capital?

The Washington Post reports that even the military leadership is skeptical of this plan--not to mention worried about the source of these additional troops, since the services are already maxed out. On that score, I recommend creation of a special "surge brigade," composed of every desktop general and puffed up politician who endorses the Bushies program. It's only proper that they prove their fealty to god, country, emperor, and their own demented schemes by putting their butts in those unarmored Hummers and setting forth to overwhelm the 'insurgency'--shock and all, reprise, we'll call it.

The surge itself can only be seen as further evidence of the Bushy's mental illness, this time manifest in infantilism. Like a willful two-year-old, Bushy resented being told what to do by his father--in the guise of the Iraq Study Group--and so deliberately set out to do the opposite. Sadly, at the end of the day, he'll get his way as the chest-thumping surge protectors in Congress falter in the face of madness--and that's one prediction, I hope is wrong.

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