Monday, October 01, 2007

Too Low To Be Beasts

More like some non-carbon based, inorganic vermin that has come from points unknown and walks among us but is not of us, rather is the opposite of us, and as such it brings only fear, hatred, destruction, death --- I refer to the military junta that has once again crushed its democratically minded people with unbridled brutality. Reports coming i n today are of thousands killed, many of them monks, and of a military command so in love with their power, wealth and corruption that it will go to any length to preserve--tighten, I should say--its death grip on the people it claims to serve. The streets are deserted today, but we might guess that when the 15,000 to 20,000 troops are pulled back, Yangon will erupt. Irrawaddy News provides lots of detail--nearly all of it grim.

Meanwhile all the Bushies seem able to do is sabre rattle at Iran, even though everyone who knows anything about the place says the best U.S. strategy is to ignore Iran. But the Emperor Boy George would rather discuss 'surgical strikes" to take out Iran's nuclear capacity. When the people who engineered the bloody farce that is Iraq start talking precision military operations against someone else, they should be locked away for the good of the world..

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