Tuesday, January 08, 2008


With no time for a nice full entry, I'll try short choppy because some occurrences demand comment. Dan Balz in today's Washington Post tries to assess the sudden emergence of a rock-star like aura surrounding the Obama--Balz, like most journalists, overlooks the boost the Obama received from the other O[prah], who can make presidents, as well as a best sellers, or at least nominees--but his assessment of Hillary Clinton is laughable: The leadership she offers is of competence and expertise. There is barely a subject she doesn't know, barely an issue she hasn't studied, barely a topic for which she is not prepared. Well, perhaps Balz is writing tongue in cheek because Clinton has admitted that in the run up to voting for war with Iraq, she did not read the National Intelligence Estimate showing that the charges against Saddam for supporting terriorists, seeking nukes, and stockpiling WMD were bogus. Then there is that vote to give W. authority to go to war with Iran.

That brings us to the charges that in the Strait of Hormuz on Monday, five pissant little Iranian speedboats behaved aggressively toward three US warships, including at least one missile loaded cruiser. The Bushbucker himself has called the little set-to "provocative," while the navy called it "potentially threatening." All I can say is Tonkin Gulf Resolution and add that it is no accident that this narrow strait bogosity was put out the day after George McGovern forcefully called for the Bush/Cheney eviction through impeachment and on the eve of the Bushbucker's departure for the Middle East where he intends, we are told, to rally opposition to Iran. Indeed, it is the most cynical of ploys, yet another "in you face Nancy Pelosi"--with Pelosi the cut out for every anti-warrior--another clear iteration of the Bush/Cheney arrogance and contempt.

I'd feel better about the Obama, if I heard him denounce torture, denounce this senseless war, and put forward a decent health care plan. He wants to change things--good--now let's what hear what he aims to change.

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