Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Does John McCain Know?

It is increasingly clear that John McCain is fixing to run the most nasty, negative, racist campaign seen for decades; indeed, he's already started. I've commented before on the language used to describe the Obama as different [from us], out of touch [with us], arrogant; uppity; unpatriotic; untested; presumptuous; and on ad nauseam. The McCain'ts ran an ad earlier in the week about the Obama going to the gym rather than visiting wounded troops in Germany, an ad which bore not even a passing relationship to the truth and followed that up with one calling him a megacelebrity in the mold of Brittany Spears and Paris HIlton, two stereotypical ego- and perhaps nympho-maniacal blonds. I won't even count the number of ways this ad is insulting, racist, misogynistic, and dumb. But when called on the ad by the Obama and his campaign, McCain't and his crew charged the Obama with "playing the race card." I kid not. In making that charge, McCain has shown himself dumber and more vicious than George Bush--that's if he doesn't know what he's saying. If he does know what he is saying and is doing so in order to be elected, then he is too callous, arrogant, venal, vicious, condescending, hateful, and, yes, racist to even be considered for the presidency.

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