Thursday, September 04, 2008

Republican Inversion

We're watching Ike bull across the Atlantic not Pitbull Hockey Mom.  Our Kate never has liked pit bulls with or without lipstick.  She finds them sneaky and unreliable, prone to unprovoked attack.  Ike, on the other hand, is a tightly wound category 4 0r 5 storm, exactly the kind we in South  Florida remember all to well. [Andrew, 1992, was a tightly wound 5 when it devastated this area.]

That said: The Republicans are attempting to invert their ticket, to pit the pitbull against the Obama, as if Sarah Palin were the Presidential nominee and McCain the after thought.  The ultimate goal is to keep the focus on personalities--Obama and Palin--and trust in the long habit of American racism.  McCain is happy to hide behind her and her family.  Note that Bristol pointedly was not baby sitting during the speech.

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