Sunday, October 26, 2008

Race (revised)

I voted the other day, two days after Colin Powell endorsed the Obama. Now I'm waiting with considerable trepidation and continued amazement that despite having one of the vilest campaigns in recent history thrown at him by the McCain't Republicans, the Obama has a good chance of becoming president. But first, he must continue to deal with the xenophobic racism, the pure fascistic hatred of the other that McCain and his running mate have unloosed and fed--I should say gorged--over the past few weeks. I won't recount chapter and verse because everyone reading this blog has, I'm sure, a gallery of infamy, but they all come back to the attempt to demonize the Obama, to make him exotic, the other, not a real American--with the emphasis on demon.

At least I'm fairly certain that Governor Lipstick views him that way after reading Laurie Goodstein's article in today's New York Times on Palin the "spiritual warrior." To paraphrase the late Hunter S. Thompson, who surely would be adding heavy armaments to arsenal, this is weird and disturbing shit. These Christian subversives know that demons gather in certain zip codes, and they are mapping them house by house around the world. The Reverend Thomas Muthee, the witch hunting, python slayer from Kenya who called on the lord to make Sarah Palin governor and more, is a hero in these circles. Gina Maranto investigated yesterday and provided this report [links should work, but if not, click on words in the text]:

This is the epicenter of spiritual warfare--global harvest ministries. Read this, and you'll hear Sarah Palin's language echoed again and again--and also see why she feels righteous about ditching McCain--he's standing in the way of her ascension.

In case you want to learn about how to wield a sword to mow down demons in your own zip code, here are some (very reasonably priced) books you can order:

You have to navigate pretty far into the site to get to the pages on pages of the REALLY good shit:

Also, in case you want to really understand Islam and what's going on in the Middle East, get this:

Note for wusses who think Jesus slept with a nightlight:
"In The Prophetic Fall of the Islamic Regime, Glenn Miller shows that while Jesus came to demonstrate God's loving, merciful character, it did not change His nature as the Mighty Man of War, who is involved in the fight between good and evil."

Form Europe, here's a site on mapping those demons. For historians, here is a 1999 Christian Science Monitor article:

Palin's rant Las Vegas yesterday about the Obama turning America into a Communist state that stirred more fear and loathing among disciples is more explicable and more troubling in light of her spiritual warfare. Sam Stein in the Huffington Post has a transcript and video clip:

There is more, but I want to get this posted, with a final note that John McCain is the man responsible for this situation. He clearly has no shame, surely no honor.

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