Sunday, September 06, 2009

ain't complicated

Jackie Calmes is reporting in the New York Times that the veterans of the Clinton healthcare fiasco have convinced themselves and the Obamans that doing nothing is worse than creating something half-assed.  That just goes to show why the Obamans are in the sorry state they're in.  The Clintonoids made healthcare reform difficult and complex, just as the Obamans have today because they refuse to recognize how easy it is--in five easy pieces:

  1. state the fundamental principle--everyone deserves healthcare, and it is our obligation to provide it for ourselves, our families and our fellow citizens.
  2. review the current state of affairs--dismal, we pay too much for too little and too many of us have nothing at all.  we face full system failure and bankruptcy.  insurance, when available, is too expensive and inadequate to the task at hand.  We are lucky if half of every dollar paid and insurance company actually goes to a doctor for providing medical care.  We have rationing.
  3.  present the solution--insure everyone through expanded medicare.
  4.  demonstrate why that is good--lower costs, everyone receives quality care.  present the comparative numbers.
  5. lay down the challenge to anyone who can do the same or better for less to present their plan.  They can't they won't.
  6. the time is now.  seize the time.
ain't complicated. ain't hard. just takes some cajones.

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