Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well Max Baucus of Montana has produced a joke of a healthcare bill, a massive gift to the insurance industry.  A bill at this stage is called a mark, but we are the marks if this thing slimes through the Congress.  Still, the Obama endorsed combines in his speech, so let him chew on this one.

Expanding Medicare is clearly the simplest, cleanest, most noncontroversial and comprehensive approach,  as George McGovern suggested in the Washington Post on Sunday.  What he neglected to say is that the rightwingnuts have worked themselves into a place from which they can't oppose such an expansion.  Reading the polls that say people are worried about cuts in Medicare, they position themselves as Medicare's great defenders, although they hate it.  Excellent, the numbers say the way to shore up Medicare and insure everyone equitably is to bring everyone into it, as originally conceived.  The rightwingnuts themselves believe that Medicare is not a government program, so they have no grounds to object to its expansion as a government take over of healthcare.

Everyone gets something; all get healthcare at an affordable price,  but is anyone listening in the Obama White House?

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