Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Brief Note

I have never been accused of being a neatness freak; in fact, chaos seems to attend me.   I once kept piles under piles whose contents I could recall well enough to locate the paper or note or memo I wanted.  The computer has killed that--90 percent of what I must recall is stored electronically in generally incomprehensible filing systems.  At least they are not physically manifest and therefore not mappable the way papers, magazines, and books were.  As a result things go missing or untended more often, and thus it sometimes is with comments to this blog.  I have various feeds and filters set up, but they clearly miss a lot; thus, if I have missed posting your comments forgive me and be assured it was for no reason other than I didn't see it.

Occasionally people try to contact me through the blog.  If you do that please remember to include an email address I can use--or a phone number--since blogger puts in its own 'do not reply' email address to discourage spammers.

The next post will be about something interesting--I hope.

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