Sunday, August 07, 2011

Betraying Democracy

I had thought that the political establishment from all parties would go into full attack mode on the eejits at Standard and Poor's who downgraded the sovereign long-term debt of the United States because they didn't approve of the political process that pushed to the midnight hour before performing a technical task.  Well, la.   I don't care for that process either.  I especially don't care for the obstructionist Republicans and the self-negoitator, the current Republican president.   But I like even less having a credit rating agency or any other private enterprise or group presume to tell any 'democratic' government that it does not run properly, which is effectively telling the people how to act and behave.  

The Congress and president should be united in their outrage at this arrogant assault on democracy.  They should do now what they should have done in 2007 when the subprime crisis began to unfold—break up the huge banks and credit ranking agencies and other financial institutions responsible for the subsequent economic meltdown.  The failure of our elected officials to do so betrays the oath they swore to the Constitution.  Whether they act out of ignorance, hypocrisy, corruption, or any or all of the above matters little.  Their failure to defend the fundamentral principles of democracy disqualfies them from office.  They should be removed.  

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Sach said...

It is great that the idealist I got to know as we ran those many miles together when I attended law school in Baltimore and you were working at Hopkins back when Democracy beat the hated Communist world for the Golf medal in hockey has not changed. The problem as I see it Mark is that removing them may break the scab but it doesn't fix the wound. They are all part of the problem and I am not a conspiracist but it is evident to me that they are all in it together and that this is all just a piece of a bigger plan....and perhaps a reverse of what happened in 1980.