Sunday, October 30, 2011

Contacting Me

Several people have tried to contact me by leaving comments to posts on this blog in response to my essay in the October 29, 2011, Wall Street Journal, on the origins of the dog and an interview in Salon posted on October 28.  If you do contact me in that way and you would like me to respond, please incude your email address in your comment; otherwise, I have no way to reach you.  Blogger—Google, of course—sends comments to me from a 'no reply' box.  I then have the option of publishing them or not.  As a rule, I don't publish the personal messages, so your email address will not escape.  Were I to publish your comment, with your permission, I would strip off your email address.  I set this system up to keep me from being bombarded with messages from that group of on-line commentators whose idea of rational discourse consists of insulting in no particular order the writer's intelligence, education, motives, and parentage—and occasionally proclaiming that whatever disease or disability he or she might have is obviously well deserved.

So there it is.  If you would like me to respond personally, include an email or phone number.